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Fans were delighted by the our valued content, with one writing: “This is priceless,” while another added: “We are the best!” However, one fan was quick to point out an inconsistency with the had in fact moved out of that apartment by the series finale, and wrote. That’s not your home anymore, you moved. 

What was really interesting about fashion at that time was the way rock ’n’ roll heroes like Jimmy Page, Marc Bolan and David Bowie blended the genders so beautifully. It’s really relevant today. So in those days, the guys were all wearing and getting knowledge and digging through their wardrobes wearing their flares and their scarves and their things and also get more information. 

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    Although there doesn’t seem to be much hope of a Friends reunion episode any time soon, the creator of Friends recently opened up about what the characters would be up to these days, and revealed whether he thought Ross and Rachel’s relationship would last the test of time.